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  • *Signed* Paperbacks SECRETS & LIES 1-7 Bundle
  • *Signed* Paperbacks SECRETS & LIES 1-7 Bundle

*Signed* Paperbacks SECRETS & LIES 1-7 Bundle

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These paperback books are *SIGNED* by the author, H.M. Ward. This bundle contains (7) SEVEN novellas, the entire series.

A one-night stand with a hot, artistic stranger--what could go wrong?



They say the best way to get over a broken heart is a random hook-up. So my new BFF is dragging me to a bar. All I have to do is wear a slutty dress, choose a dude, and do the deed, right? The thing is, this isn't me. I'm the good girl--the one who has sex for love. But, since the love of my life is shacked up with someone else, I guess it's time to move on. One night, one time. That's all. I'll have a clean slate.

A guy with a sketch pad, sitting alone, catches my eye. I'm a sucker for the artistic type with dark hair and bright blue eyes. Soon we're in his hotel room doing things I've never done. His smoldering body, perfectly toned with hot skin and a firm touch, has my mind reeling with the things to come. We're both naked and glistening with sweat, breathless. And then he darts, right before doing the deed, abandoning me in his room. He doesn't return.

A week later I see him again, and realize that he wasn't just a random guy--he's my teacher. My heart clenches at my massive mistake, and I still don't grasp the extent of it. I should have run and never looked back.


"Funny as hell." ~Gloria H.
"You'll meet some really cool people and one sapphired eyed oh so sexy and lickable." ~Michelle
"The chemistry between Mystery Man and Kerry is crazy!" ~Anita P.
"Secrets & Lies adds more layers to the Ferro saga." ~Julie
"Ward's girl characters are always so funny, and witty." ~Emily

  • Series: Secrets & Lies
  • Pages: 856 Total
  • Paperbacks - Set of 7
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.3 x 8 inches

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