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  • 1.7 oz/ 50 ml
  • Ferro FRAGRANCE Luxury Size (1.7oz/50ml) - Ferro Eau de parfum
  • Ferro FRAGRANCE Luxury Size (1.7oz/50ml) - Ferro Eau de parfum
  • Ferro FRAGRANCE Luxury Size (1.7oz/50ml) - Ferro Eau de parfum

Ferro FRAGRANCE Luxury Size (1.7oz/50ml) - Ferro Eau de parfum


FERRO 1.7 oz/ 50 ml

H.M. Ward® presents FERRO a luxury fragrance created for Ferro fans worldwide.

We've been working with the finest European perfumery in the world to create the perfect scent. It's seductive, confident, and completely sexy featuring sensual spices, leather, tobacco, and warm woods. Unisex. Eau de parfum.

  • Size: 1.7oz/50ml
  • Fragrance: Ferro
  • Packaging: Sleek black box
  • Bottle: Large Parisian glass bottle with aspirator and silver cap.

*Shipping to USA and Canada only*

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this fragrance for a man or a woman?

It is truly for both. Here's why: This was supposed to be strictly a masculine scent, but as we got further along in the creation process it ended up being unisex. The reason? Because it just smells SO good that I've been wearing it (I'm a chick). The scent lasts for hours and hours, so it's still there at the end of the day. That final scent/ base note, the one that lingers the longest, is sooooo amazing. It's like a warm, sexy, naked scent. It's just good! I promise your man won't smell like a flower farm and you won't smell like a lumberjack. I wish we could put a smell-o-meter in the screen so you can sniff it. It's hard to stop once you start, so maybe the lack of scratch & sniff technology is a good thing. :)

Can I get this shipped to the UK?

No, this item can NOT be shipped to the UK. This item has to ship via ground services according to the USPS's rules and regulations. This item is only available in the US and Canada. Please do not order it if you live outside those areas.

Is there express shipping on this item?

No, I'm afraid not. This item has to be shipped via ground services which makes expedited delivery difficult. Please order as early as possible to avoid delays.

This was a present that didn't arrive in time - what can I do?

After you submit payment, you can then print out a GIFT VOUCHER to present to your friend until the package arrives. Print it, cut it out, and wrap it up in a box and you have a great gift! 

What size is the bottle in the picture?

That is 1.7 oz/ 50ml bottle and is the larger of the two sizes offered. There is a 0.5/ 15ml travel sized bottle that is also available.

Is there a smaller/travel size available?

Yes! There is a .5 oz/ 15ml bottle that's perfect for travel! It comes in a Parisian style bottle with aspirator and cap. No frills packaging to keep the cost minimal.

Can I order more than one?

Yes, you can. There is no limit at this time. It's first come, first served. If you'd like to order multiple bottles of the travel size or big bottle. If you'd like a big bottle and a travel bottle, use the shopping cart option at the bottom of this popup (scroll down).

What is the return policy?

Due to the personal nature of this item, we are unable to accept returns. We personally inspect every bottle before it leaves to make sure you have the best experience possible!


Please ask any questions before you buy! We're happy to help. Email info@hmward.com or ask me on Facebook!


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